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Laredo® AWT3

Our all-terrain tire developed for SUVs and pick-up trucks with outstanding all-season performance on- and off-road


Benefits of this Tire:

  • Long-lasting treadlife, backed by a 80,000-km warranty
  • All-terrain tire designed for confident all-season traction
  • Offers durability and reliability on-and off-road

Laredo® Cross Country

Meet the longest-wearing Uniroyal® light truck tire ever. It’s an affordable, reliable SUV and light truck tire built for everyday adventures.

Benefits of this Tire:

  • Creates a rounder tire to help ensure uniformity and durability with a highway ride that’s extremely quiet
  • Wet grip and all-season traction that helps it stick
  • Built for long tread life and enhanced off-pavement traction
  • Helps improve wear by fostering enhanced tread block stability and minimizing surface temperatures

Laredo® HD/H™

Heavy-duty highway driving done right. This long-mileage truck tire can haul, tow and pull almost anything in a commercial application.

Benefits of this Tire:

  • Excellent puncture and impact protection, with even wear.
  • Help absorb impacts and carry heavy loads.
  • Long-lasting, reliable and quiet ride.
  • Great traction for every season.


Laredo® HD/T™

The features of the Laredo® HD/T™ which make it an ideal solution for commercial vehicles in winter.

   Benefits of this Tire:

  • Gives you serious on- and off-road traction in the winter for long-lasting durability.
  • Improves traction on ice
  • Meets the rubber association of Canada snow
  • Traction performance requirements

Laredo® Cross Country Tour

Designed for light trucks, CUVs and SUVs, this tire offers a quiet, comfortable ride and good handling.

Benefits of this Tire:

  • Comfortable and quiet highway ride.
  • Offers durability and reliability on the road, with a 100,000 km warranty¹.
  • Pure “on-center” feel for improved stability and control.
  • Good water evacuation for improved wet traction.

Tiger Paw® GTZ All Season 2

An ultra-high performance all-season tire that offers long-lasting treadlife for everyday drivers.

Benefits of this Tire:

  • Long-lasting treadlife, now backed by a 80,000 kilometre limited warranty
  • Engineered to give you a confident ride
  • An ultra-high performance tire designed for a quiet comfortable ride

Tiger Paw® Touring

The longest-wearing, best-handling Uniroyal® passenger tire ever.

Benefits of this Tire:

  • High performance handling and stability
  • Effective water evacuation to hep improve wet traction
  • Offer durability and reliability on the road

Tiger Paw® AS65

A durable all-season passenger tire designed to deliver great mileage and excellent traction.

Benefits of this Tire:

  • Help provide stable on-center feel & enhanced control.
  • Deliver continual water evacuation for enhanced wet traction.
  • Offer durability and reliability on the road.

Tiger Paw® AWP II

The high-quality passenger tire designed for long wear, durability, and a smooth ride in almost every weather condition.

Benefits of this Tire:

  • Helps provide outstanding all-season grip.
  • Helps reduce noise and allows for a quiet ride.
  • Offers durability and reliability on the road.
  • Helps deliver long, even treadwear by equilizing stress on the contact patch

Tiger Paw® Ice & Snow™ II

The versatile Tiger Paw® Ice & Snow IITM is the affordable winter tire that will provide durability and reliability for driving in severe winter conditions.


Benefits of this Tire:

  • Improves cold-weather grip
  • Offers durability and reliability on wintery roads
  • Quiet winter drive

Tiger Paw® GTZ All Season

Ultra-high performance affordability meets all-season² reliability.

Benefits of this Tire:

  • High-performance handling and stability in all seasons.²
  • Long-lasting tread life and balanced wear.
  • Dependable high performance technology within a sporty design.