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416 Wheels and Tires offers a wide selection of wheels and tires for Mississauga and the GTA, and we make it easy to get the right tires for your vehicle. Visit our Tires Page to select tires by brand, season, or specs. Tires are typically replaced about every 6 years or 25,000-50,000 miles, but poor alignment, improper/uneven inflation, and rough conditions can mean that they wear out more quickly. In some cases, damaged tires can be repaired, but if it is too severe the tire will need to be immediately replaced. When a car is ready for one or more new tires, it is best to get all 4 at once so they wear evenly and provide the best grip on the road.


Our technicians use the highest grade equipment to install tires for all types of vehicles and wheel types including Low Profile Tire installation. When you buy new at our Mississauga shop we mount and balance the tires to ensure the smoothest ride possible. So what exactly are balancing and mounting?  An easy way to understand the concept of a balanced tire is to think about your washing machine during the spin cycle. Balancing distributes weight evenly between the tire and rim which helps your car drive smoothly. Tire mounting is the procedure of installing the tires onto the wheels and then onto the wheel hub/axle of the car. Our technicians use a state of the art Hunter Road Force balancer to ensure that your tires are mounted and balanced with precision. 

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