Tired of your wheels taking up so much space in the garage?

Storing tires with 416 Wheels & Tires in Mississauga is the ultimate convenience. Avoid the heavy, dirty task of moving around your winter tires, summer tires or all season tires and free up space in your house, basement or garage. We offer tire storage as a part of a bundle with your all season or winter tire change or separately if you want just tires storage. Unlike many other shops in Mississauga and other GTA regions, garages, and dealerships, we do not outsource storage of your vehicle’s tires. All tires are stored at our climate controlled service site with 24 hr supervision and security. We offer 100% customer satisfaction and no hidden charges. 

The Importance of Climate Controlled Tire Storage

In cold weather or in warm weather, tires should never be stored in the open air, even under a protective covering. Think cool, dry, moderately ventilated – and of course out of the sun. At 416 Wheels & Tires in Mississauga, we have a dedicated warehouse space that is climate-controlled to keep your all season tires, summer tires, and winter tires from drying up. If there is a heat source in the room, the tires must be shielded from it. Most garages, sheds and attics undergo a range of temperatures, precipitation and humidity. You want to avoid these fluctuations. We store tires for our Mississauga, Etobicoke and Sherway customers.

Best Way To Store Tires

There are three options for how to store your Winter tires, All Season tires, and Summer tires:

  • Stand them upright.
  • Stack them on their sides.
  • Hang them up on hooks or racks.

The best option is standing, as it puts less stress on the tires. If you must stack, try not to stack too high. You want to avoid tipping and damaging the tires. Tires mounted on rims? Stacking is actually preferable in this case. Another great option for tires on rims is hanging them from tire racks or hooks. Never hang unmounted tires as this can distort and damage them.

Tires will age. But these tips will help extend their life. If you want to make sure that the storing of your tires is in professional hands we would recommend letting them be stored with us in our Mississauga/Etobicoke Warehouse. Always remember: It’s a great idea to get your winter tires and all season tires checked by a tire professional before they are mounted onto your vehicle again for another good season of driving.

Tire Storage FAQs

Q: Is it ok to store tires outside in the winter?

A: You should store your winter tires in a room that is cool, dry, and dark. Tires should never be stored at freezing temperatures, even if they are underneath a protective covering.Your tires can dry out and eventually crack due to exposure. 

Q: Where should I store my summer tires?

A: Choose your location. In cold weather or in warm, tires should never be stored in the open air, even under a protective covering. Think cool, dry, moderately ventilated – and of course out of the sun. Your basement or another climate-controlled space is ideal.

Q: Should tires be stored flat or upright?

A: If possible, store tires vertically rather than stacking horizontally to reduce stress and tire distortion. Also, place on a piece of clean wood and not directly on the ground

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