If you are ready to upgrade the look of your car with Low Profile Tires, you’ve come to the right place. Low profile tires not only add to the aesthetics of your vehicle, but they also improve handling and responsiveness. At 416 Wheels & Tires located in the Mississauga / Etobicoke border region, we have high end Italian touch-less machines (Mondolfo Ferro) capable of handling all low profile tire installations! Our machine, coupled with our Hunter “Road Force” balancer, ensures that your low profile tires are installed and balanced with precision. 

Lots of vehicles these days come new with low profile tires from the factory or car lot. Whether it be all season tires, summer tires or winter tires, vehicles like Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Honda, Audi, Infiniti, KIA, Toyota, Subaru all have low profile tires and if not installed properly could cause rough rides for your car. 

Types of Low Profile Tires

Originally low profile tires were primarily performance and summer tires, made to grip the road in hot dry conditions on and off the racetrack. These days, many cars come new with low profile tires because of these advantages in handling and safety. Advances in rubber and tire technology mean that there is a wide selection of tires on the market.

  • Low Profile Summer Tires maintain their grip at high speeds in hot weather
  • Low Profile All Season Tires perform better at colder temps (above freezing) and are reliable in rainy conditions.
  • Low Profile Winter Tires are made of more advanced rubber compounds that maintain flexibility to offer traction and push snow out of the treads so your vehicle is safe in cold temperatures. 

At 416 Wheels & Tires in Mississauga we pay attention to the details to make sure the job is done right the first time. To begin the tire mounting process, the low profile summer tire, winter tire or all season tires is lubed up well, then use the pry bar and keep it over the tire bead, and wedged in under the wheel’s flange. The extra length gives us the leverage we need, we also make sure to keep an eye on the bead and sidewall so we don’t rip them while spinning it on the machine. Also, our techs make sure the duck head isn’t too close to the wheel, so as not to grind/scuff the wheel lip as we finish the low profile tire mounting.

Low Profile Tires FAQs

Q: What are low profile tires good for?

A: Low-profile tires are used mostly on sports cars to improve a vehicle’s handling, performance, and looks. A larger contact patch area provides better grip on dry paved roads, and with larger rims and brakes, the car also stops faster. However, there is more road feel, because low profile tires absorb less shock from bumps.

Q: Are low profile tires more expensive?

A: Upgrading to low profile tires requires investing in new wheels as well as the low profile tires themselves. While they are a little more expensive, many people feel their car looks and handles better. Many new cars are coming stock with low profile tires. Either way, we can help you find the best option to suit your budget and offer financing as well. 

Q: Do low profile tires get more flats?

A: Low-profile tires are not prone to punctures any more than a regular profile tire is. They have a similar width and surface area contacting the road, and their composition is virtually the same. The probability of having a tire puncture is the same in either case.


When you drive a car with Low Profile Tires, there is a noticeable increase in road feel. While they don’t offer the cushion of traditional tires, the advantages in performance and the appeal  outweigh any differences. Because they can be more susceptible to damage from potholes or curbs, it is important to have the installation and balancing done by the professionals at 416 Wheels & Tires. 

What doInstallation” and “balancing” mean? Installation is pretty self-explanatory – it’s simply the act of putting the tires onto the wheels, then installing the wheels onto your vehicle’s axles. An easy way to understand the concept of a balanced tire is to think about your washing machine during the spin cycle. Balancing distributes weight evenly between the tire and rim which helps your car drive smoothly. Here at 416 wheels and tires in Mississauga we have the state of the art Hunter Roadforce machine that guarantees efficient balance.

Simply put, tire mounting is the procedure of installing tires onto the wheels, which are then installed onto the car’s axle. Tire balancing is the most complex part of the tire mounting process. When you mount tires, it’s essential that they are properly centered on the wheel to ensure the smoothest ride. 

Unbalanced car tires can cause damage to different parts of your vehicle. For example, driving with tires that aren’t properly balanced puts undue stress on your shocks, bearings, and wheel assembly. Increased fuel costs. Driving on tires out of balance may cause your fuel costs to rise.

At 416 Wheels & Tires located in the Mississauga / Etobicoke border region, we have high end Italian touch-less machines (Mondolfo ferro) capable of handling all summer tires, all season tires and winter tire installations! Our machine coupled with our Hunter road force balancer ensures that your low profile summer tires, winter tires or all season tires are installed and balanced with precision.

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