416 Wheels & Tires carries a wide range of Niche Wheels and Rims for cars, trucks, and suv’s to meet your needs. Each Niche wheel is engineered to vehicle specs with an endless array of custom options. Custom wheels finish options range from solid single tone finishes to tinted and colored transparent powders and liquid paints accented by intricate hand finished metal work. Shop Now

Which Niche Wheels Are Best For Me? 

Forged Wheels

Every set of Niche forged wheels gets your choice of limitless finishes, and an endless selection of forging profiles and lip styles. Let your imagination run wild with options like one piece forged monoblock, Mono2 two piece concave, or 3 piece modular forged constructions all backed up with Niche Wheels industry leading engineering and machining capability.   Niche Forged styles are available in 8 different configurations with an industry leading range of forging and profile options. 

 Cast Wheels

From big brake clearance to concave profiles, Niche cast monoblocks are offered in the widest variety of vehicle fitments. Available in sizes from 17 to 24-inch and engineered specifically for your application. Niche wheels are custom built in house from start to finish. We know that picking is the hardest part, especially when you have a huge selection of wheels that range from affordable rims to high-end. Luckily our experts at 416 Wheels and Tires can help lead you through the process and determine which rims will perform and look the best on your vehicle.


Things to consider when shopping for wheels:

Wheel Material

  • Heavier wheels, like steel, can be better for hard working vehicles, but their heavy weight can affect handling. 
  • Lighter wheels, like aluminum, offer more varieties and stylings and also improve the handling of your vehicle. 

Rim Size 

  • Bigger rims help your care stand out from the crowd and make steering more responsive. 
  • Consider Low Profile (link) tires to go bigger with the rim size

Color & Style

  • This is where your personal preference come into play. There is a huge variety of wheels
  • Spoke style and the color or metal finishes like chrome or powder coating mean that you can get any look you want.

  Stop by today to go over pricing and style options. 


The expert technicians at 416 Wheels and Tires want to help you find the best rims and achieve that perfect look for your vehicle. We offer one of the biggest selections of rims and wheels in Mississauga, ON, so you can bet that we have what you’re looking for. Our team can order, mount, and install various types of rims for sports cars, suv’s, and trucks. If you are looking for low profile rims and tires, we have the specialty equipment and wheels to transform your car.

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