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All season tires perform better than their summer/performance counterparts in colder temperatures and on wet roads. If you want to get from point A to point B safely and comfortably, they may be the right choice for you. There are types and sizes of all season tires for cars, trucks, and SUVs, all of which are designed to maintain grip in the rain and provide agile handling in most weather conditions. As manufacturing evolves, there are now a variety of hybrid, all season performance tires offered from B.F. Goodrich, Continental, Michelin and others that are suitable for sports cars and drivers who want better handling and responsiveness from a tire that is also reliable on a cold rainy day. In more temperate climates, these are a great option for year-round convenience. Here in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) however, we recommend swapping out winter tires/snow tires when the temperatures dip below freezing and there are wintry conditions. 


For most drivers, our technicians at 416 wheels and tires will recommend all season tires for the majority of the year. When the snow falls, a seasonal changeover to winter tires is the best and safest option. Our Mississauga tire shop has storage space for your all season tires, to free up space in your garage and ensure you get the maximum life out of the rubber. If you drive a sports car and need reliable handling at high speed, check out our page for Performance Tires to explore warm weather options. If you already have all-season tires and are getting ready for the snow, check out our Winter Tires page.   


As outlined above, all-season tires are great for almost all driving conditions above freezing temperatures. All-weather tires however, have a Severe Snow Traction rating. This means that in wintery conditions your stopping distance is considerably shorter, meaning the people in the car are safer in the snow. Toyo, Michelin, Kumho and Bridgestone offer all weather tires that we can order and install here at 416 Wheels and Tires.  A symbol of a three-peak mountain with a snowflake in the middle lets you know that tires have the Severe Snow Traction rating. Drivers in Canada should consider all weather tires as a year-round option. For trucks and SUVs there are various combinations of mud and snow ratings that our techs at Mississauga’s favorite tire shop can recommend.


Q: Can I use all season tires in the winter?
A: All-season tires work fine in the winter. All-season tires are great for mild weather changes, but anyone who experiences colder winters and snow can get better performance with winter tires. Their supple rubber lets them perform in freezing temperatures without becoming brittle and cracking.

Q: What is the difference between all-weather tires and all season tires?
A: Generally speaking, all-seasons are intended for use only in non-freezing, dry, and mild wet conditions. All-weather tires, on the other hand, are suitable for winter conditions with heavy rain, snowfall, and slush. The main factor is the rubber: all weather tires’ rubber remains soft at freezing temperatures to maintain grip and properly divert snow and slush.

Q: What types of vehicles can you install All-Season or All Weather tires on?
A: Here at 416 Wheels & Tires, we can install all season tires on any model of car, truck, or SUV, including European, American, and Japanese brands.

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